commercial staircase design

PROJECT: Commercial Staircase Design

CLIENT: Bite Studios


YEAR: 2020

BRIEF: The brief was to design a means of vertical circulation for the retail space designed previously, producing detailed working drawings to fully explain.

Rendered model
The staircase connects 3 levels of the retail space, crossing over each other to create drama and interesting sightlines.
Plan view
The lower level of the staircase, landings have been utilised to facilitate the changes in direction.
Staircase section
The section displays the relationship between the 2 staircases.
Initial sketch
Pencil sketch to develop the design.
Design development
Sketching to develop the design.
Presentation model
A scaled presentation model was created to explain the design fully.
Staircase detail
The staircase from ground floor level.
3D render
Rendered view at basement level.
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