sustainable interior designers UK

sustainable interior designers uk

About Intra Interiors

Based on the Kent coast, UK, Intra Interiors works on commercial and residential projects. Carole is one of few truly sustainable interior designers. She has a First Class BA honours Degree in Interior Design from world renowned KLC School of Design.  Her previous career as a Food and Still life Photographer in London gives her an attention to detail and experience of running projects. Dismayed with the lack of transparency and green washing, during the final year of her degree, she focussed her attention entirely on sustainability culminating with her final major project designed entirely within the principles of a circular economy. Sustainability is a passion at Intra and something that we firmly believe should be integrated into every interior design project, we all have a responsibility to assist in achieving the UK’s ambitious net carbon zero targets. To that end Intra are inclusive, allowing access to their extensive research in the form of designer resources, a database of sustainable suppliers and resources.

Since graduating she has been invited by KLC to present her final major project to their current students, filling the gaps in their sustainability teaching and demonstrating that a sustainable design in no way compromises style. Intra passionately believes that working sustainably does not equate to compromise or giving anything up, it just requires a fresh approach.