residential interior design

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Sustainable Residential & Commercial Interior Design

Residential and commercial interior design undertaken, all with a strong focus on sustainability. My in-depth knowledge of the subject allows me to arrive quickly at the most sustainable approach. Dependant on the scope and budget of the project the strategies employed will vary, Intra looks beyond the obvious and finds a truly environmentally responsible solution. Intra passionately believes that a sustainable design does not compromise style.

Vegan Design

A natural progression from sustainability, building on the obvious approaches such as avoiding leather or fur. I research all products to ensure that even adhesives are free from animal products. You may not be vegan, but my knowledge allows ethical decision making, for animals and humans alike.

Sustainablility Consultation

You may already have ideas for your space, but where to start making it sustainable? The research I have conducted into this area gives me a specialist knowledge and saves you weeks of comparisons and trade-offs that could end as ‘green washing’. My knowledge and experience will leave you confident that ethical decisions have been made.

Designer to designer

Outsourcing tasks, such as, space planning, concept design, sustainable sourcing, Autocad drawings, Sketchup or Revit modelling, InDesign and Photoshop, allows you to manage tight deadlines and focus on what you do best.