sustainable interior design

Our approach

Intra Interiors is a research led, sustainable interior design practice, our approach is holistic, incorporating circular design and sustainable technologies. Through research we create spaces that are healthier and enhance productivity through good design and well chosen materials and finishes. The research starts with ‘you’, the client, and our in depth knowledge of sustainability allows us to design bespoke spaces that put your needs at the centre.

Our holistic approach means that sustainability informs every decision in the overall design, rather than being an additional extra. We design out waste, considering it in removal of existing materials, during construction and at the end of its life, applying the principles of a circular economy.

Our research is on going, we are constantly seeking new sustainable materials and products to ensure that we can deliver stylish interiors without damage to the environment, we look beyond the obvious, seeking products that reflect your style.

We do not believe that a sustainable interior should dictate the design or lead to style compromises, the interiors created are beautiful, effective and most importantly, designed for you.